What you need to know about becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Alaska. Including Alaska licensing and training requirements, schools & colleges offering pharmacy technician programs and employment and salary trends for pharmacy techs in Alaska (AK).   

Pharmacy technician employment and salary trends, and career opportunities in Alaska


Alaska is home to more than 600 salaried pharmacy technicians. This means, just a small percentage of the nation’s 334,400 salaried technicians live in place Americans call “The Last Frontier.” Although the population of pharmacy technicians is small here, salaries are large. In fact, Alaska is the nation’s top paying state for pharmacy technicians. Besides excellent salaries, aspiring pharmacy technicians choose Alaska for:

Alaska pharmacy technician training programs

Aspiring pharmacy technicians must obtain a license from the Alaska Board of Pharmacy in order to work in the state. A degree in the field is not required by the Board, but continuing education is mandatory during the licensing period. Licenses must be renewed biennially.

Requirements to become a pharmacy technician in Alaska

Roughly 87 pharmacies in the state of Alaska currently employ a total of about 620 pharmaceutical technicians.  Of these, approximately 358 are licensed by the Alaska State Board of Pharmacy.  Pharmacy technicians are pharmacist assistants, often helping with the preparation and dispension of prescription drugs.  Responsibilities of pharmacy technicians include counting tablets, labeling containers, performing various administrative tasks and handling customer service.  Pharmacy technicians have access to many controlled substances, so various state-specific guidelines often apply.

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