Wyoming Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Wyoming pharmacy technician training programs

The Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy has several requirements for pharmacy technicians and pharmacy thecnincians-in-training. As stated by the Board, requirements are as follows:

Qualifications, Education, Registration Requirements and Identification of Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Technicians-In-Training.

A pharmacy technician or pharmacy technician-in-training shall:

(a) Be at least 18 years of age.

(b) Have no felony or gross misdemeanor conviction relating to controlled substances within thirty-six (36) months of the date of application.

(c) Have no history of drug abuse or provide satisfactory evidence of rehabilitation.

(d) Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.

(e) Have completed requirements for registration as determined by the Board.

(f) Wear a name badge with the appropriate designation "Pharmacy Technician" or a "Pharmacy-Technician-In-Training" at all times when in or near the pharmacy area.

(g) Identify themselves as a "Pharmacy Technician" or a "Pharmacy Technician-In-Training" in all telephone conversations while on duty in the pharmacy.

Section 9. Pharmacy Technician-In-Training Registration; Length of Registration

Period; Training; Place of Employment; Change of Employment.

(a) A pharmacy technician-in-training shall apply to the Board for a training permit

on an application supplied by the Board and shall pay the fee required within ten (10) calendardays of starting on-the-job training. This permit shall be valid for two years from date of original issuance. It may not be renewed. The sponsoring pharmacy, as identified on the application, shall be printed on the technician-in-training permit. A change in sponsoring pharmacy requires immediate submission of an updated application, and a corrected permit may be issued to the technician-in-training by the Board.

(b) A pharmacy technician-in-training may perform pharmacy functions

commensurate with his ability to perform those tasks as identified in Chapter 10, section 3, and then only to the extent allowed by the pharmacist-in-charge. The pharmacy technician-intraining is considered a trainee and as such the PIC, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians shall participate in the training of this individual. The supervising pharmacist shall not allow the pharmacy technician-in-training to perform any pharmacy function for which the individual has not demonstrated competency.

(c) A pharmacy technician-in-training may perform pharmacy functions only at the

pharmacy location specified on the permit.

It is important to note that the requirements listed are the minimum requirements for the State of Wyoming. Employer’s may want more. Because pharmacies and other similar environments have implemented stricter rules and requirements to ensure the safety of the public and employees, standards are higher. This means, many employers prefer applicants with a diploma/certificate or degree in the field, extensive training, hands-on experience, and even national certification.

Recognized certification exams include the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) (PTCE) and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) (ExCPT). Fortunately, Wyoming is home to several schools that offer top-tier degree programs that can help you meet the requirements of top employers. This will help you qualify for better jobs, higher starting pay, larger salary increases, and more advancement opportunities.

The colleges listed below are accredited and Board approved. They can provide the education, training, and experience (through internships/apprenticeships) that employer’s are looking for.

Wyoming Schools with Pharmacy Technician Training Programs:

Pharmacy Technician Programs - Wyoming Colleges

Casper College - Casper

Eastern Wyoming College - Torrington

Laramie County Community College - Cheyenne

Northwest College - Powell

Sheridan College - Sheridan

Western Wyoming Community College - Rock Springs