Oklahoma Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Oklahoma pharmacy technician training programs

To become a pharmacy technician in the state of Oklahoma, several requirements must be met. Aspiring technicians must complete a pharmacy technician training program, on the job training, and they must obtain a pharmacy technician permit. The Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy offers the following guidelines for all future pharmacy technicians:

Pharmacy Technician Training Guidelines - Phase I and II

Prior to receiving a permit, all pharmacy technicians must have satisfactorily completed a Pharmacy Technician Training Program - Phase I (initial training). A technician may begin Phase II (on-the-job training) only after they have received their permit and must complete it within ninety (90) days of receiving their permit.

This program must be taught in each pharmacy employing pharmacy technicians. The development or implementation of a training program is the responsibility of the pharmacy manager. The instructional text of the training program shall be kept in the pharmacy and only upon request be submitted to the Board for approval.

The pharmacist manager, or another pharmacist in the pharmacy whom he may designate, shall conduct the training and attest to its successful completion. Proof of this training and subsequent training must be maintained in the pharmacy and available for inspection.

These Pharmacy Technician Training Guidelines have been set by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy as minimum standards for training of pharmacy technicians. The training program may be adjusted to meet the specific needs of an individual pharmacy, but the adjusted program must conform to the minimum standards in these guidelines.

In addition to the requirements mentioned, technician applicants MUST have either a High School Diploma or a GED before they can apply for a permit.

As stated, these are minimum guidelines set by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy, which is why many aspiring pharmacy technicians decide to enroll in a degree program, which can help them stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, the state of Oklahoma is home to a number of schools that offer top-tier pharmacy technician training programs.

Many of the most popular programs are offered at several Oklahoma community colleges. Others are offered at medical centers, corporations, and learning centers. It is important to note that most employers prefer candidates with a certificate or degree from an accredited program. The accredited schools below offer some of the state’s most popular pharmacy technician training programs.  

Oklahoma Schools with Pharmacy Technician Training Programs:

Pharmacy Technician Programs – Major Oklahoma Colleges and universities

Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City

Oral Roberts University - Tulsa

Southern Nazarene University – Bethany

Pharmacy Technician Programs – Other Oklahoma Colleges

Rose State College – Midwest City

Tulsa Community College – Tulsa