Indiana Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Indiana pharmacy technician training programs

According to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA), to be eligible to perform the functions and duties of a pharmacy technician, an individual must possess the following qualifications, which shall be ascertained and documented in a reasonably retrievable manner by the pharmacist that qualifies the pharmacy permit:

(1) The individual has not been convicted of a crime that has a direct bearing on the individual's ability to work with legend drugs or controlled substances.

(2) The individual must be age 18 and a high school graduate or have successfully completed a General Education Development program or have been judged to be competent by the qualifying pharmacist.

(3) The individual must have successfully completed or be enrolled in and successfully complete within twelve (12) months of being hired as a technician one (1) of the following board-approved programs:

(A) A comprehensive curricular-based education and training program conducted by a pharmacy or educational organization.

(B) A technician training program utilized by the employer that includes specific training in the duties required to assist the pharmacist in the technical functions associated with the practice of pharmacy. The contents of the training program shall include, at a minimum, the following:

(i) Understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the technician and the pharmacist, including the standards of patient confidentiality and ethics governing pharmacy practice.

(ii) Tasks and technical skills, policies, and procedures related to the technician's position.

(iii) Working knowledge of pharmaceutical-medical terminology, abbreviations, and symbols commonly used in prescriptions and drug orders.

(iv) Working knowledge of the general storage, packaging, and labeling requirements of drugs, prescriptions, or drug orders.

(v) Ability to perform the arithmetic calculations required for the usual dosage determinations.

(vi) Working knowledge and understanding of the essential functions related to drug purchasing and inventory control.

(vii) The record keeping functions associated with prescriptions or drug orders.

(4) In lieu of the requirements in subdivision (3), the successful completion of a board-approved certification examination may satisfy the requirements of this section.

(5) A record of the pharmacy technician training and education must be maintained in the pharmacy where the technician is employed and shall include the following:

(A) The name of the pharmacy technician.

(B) The starting date of employment as a pharmacy technician.

(C) The starting date of the technician training program.

(D) The date of completion of the training program or proof of passing the board-approved examination if subdivision applies.

(E) A copy of the training manual, if on-the-job training is used by the employer, or certificate of successful completion of another approved program, or other training program completed prior to employment.

Indiana is home to dozens of schools that offer board approved programs that can help you satisfy state requirements and begin a successful career as a pharmacy technician. Board certified programs are plentiful at hospitals, medical centers, and corporations, but the most popular programs are at several quality community colleges and universities.

Indiana Schools with Pharmacy Technician Training Programs:

Pharmacy Technician Programs – Major Indiana Colleges and Universities

Indiana University – Indianapolis
Indiana University Northwest - Gary
University of Saint Francis – Fort Wayne
Vincennes University - Vincennes

Pharmacy Technician Programs – Other Indiana Colleges

Ivy Tech Community College – Anderson, Richmond, Evansville
Ivy Tech Community College of Southern Indiana - Sellersburg
Ivy Tech State College - Indianapolis
Sanford-Brown - Indianapolis

Indiana law requires a certified pharmacy technician/technician in training to be at least 18 years old.  If you are not yet 18, then you must have the qualifying pharmacist at the pharmacy at which you will be employed to submit a statement supporting your request to be a certified pharmacy technician/technician in training.