Requirements to Become a Pharmacy Technician in New Hampshire

Requirements to become a pharmacy technician in New Hampshire

As of June 1st, 2012, the state of New Hampshire runs roughly 250 retail and hospital pharmacies within its borders.  Altogether, they employ an estimated 1,600 full time pharmacy technicians, according to data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  However, less than 700 of them are state Board certified and hold current, up-to-date licenses.  Many local pharmacists only hire licensed assistants, but guidelines regarding the employment and activities of pharmacy technicians vary from state to state. 

New Hampshire State Regulations for Pharmacy Technicians

New Hampshire is not one of the fourteen U.S. states that requires Board certification of its working pharmacy technicians.  Licensing is not mandatory, although all pharmacy technicians must register with the state Pharmacy Board in order to be eligible to work at local pharmacies. According to guidelines put forth by the New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy, applicants for registration must be at least eighteen years of age “OR” have at least a high school education. Applicants must also be “of good moral character” (whatever that means) and free of felony convictions.  Finally, applicants “shall have training as determined by the pharmacist” in charge.  Registrants must submit a completed application containing the applicant's full legal name, physical address, telephone number, social security number, date of birth, place of birth and name of current employer.  Registration also requires a twenty-five dollar processing fee, made payable to the New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy.  Applicants must notify the Board of any changes in name, address or other personal information withing fifteen days after the change takes effect.  The activities and permissible tasks of pharmacy technicians in New Hampshire are regulated by various state and federal laws.  For instance, only a licensed pharmacy technician may (under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist) mix, reconstitute, label or package prescription medications.  For another example, unlicensed assistants may not verify dosages or discuss specific medical issues with patients. 

New Hampshire Training Programs for Pharmacy Technicians Include:

New Hampshire residents who are interested in working as pharmacy technicians can acquire skills at accredited local colleges.  New Hampshire area colleges with state Board-approved courses for pharmacy technicians include several accredited schools in accessible cities like Boston and Portland.  Some aspiring New Hampshire pharmacy technicians acquire skills online.  Popular accredited online colleges with certificate programs for pharmacy technicians include Arizona College of Allied Health, Virginia College, Charter College, Kaplan Career Institute and All-State Career Health Division, to name only a few.