New Mexico Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

New Mexico pharmacy technician training programs

In the State of New Mexico, pharmacy technicians must register with the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy. Within one year or registering, the pharmacy technician must complete training through his or her employer (pharmacist-in-charge) and obtain board-approved certification. Training must consist of 220 hours of on-the-job training or Board approved training. Board-approved certification exams include Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) (PTCE) and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) (ExCPT).

Fortunately, several colleges in New Mexico offer training programs that can help you satisfy New Mexico Board of Pharmacy requirements. It is important to note that Board requirements are the minimum requirements for pharmacy technicians to become “legally” employed in the state. Employers may have a list of requirements of their own. In fact, many of the top companies prefer to hire applicants with a degree, experience, and national certification.

Some schools offer a certificate only, while others offer an associate degree or even a bachelor’s degree in this field or a related field. The school’s listed below are a great start, so inquire within.  

New Mexico Schools with Pharmacy Technician Training Programs:

Pharmacy Technician Programs - Major New Mexico Colleges and Universities

Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell

University of New Mexico – Los Lunas

Pharmacy Technician Programs – Other New Mexico Colleges

Central New Mexico Community College – Albuquerque