Missouri Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Missouri pharmacy technician training programs

According to the Missouri Division of Professional Regulation, all potential pharmacy technicians must register with the Missouri Board of Pharmacy or apply for registration prior to employment. While successful completion of a pharmacy technician training program is not a requirement for registration, most employers prefer candidates with a certificate or a degree from an accredited program. A certificate or degree may also lead to better advancement opportunities, more competitive pay raises, and access to better job opportunities overall.

Regarding pharmacy technician registration in the state of Missouri, the following information was accurate as of July 1, 2012:

Pharmacy technicians must submit the following to The Board Of Pharmacy:

1. Completed, signed, and notarized application.

2. Fee of $35.00 made payable to the Missouri Board of Pharmacy.

3. Receipt from 3M/Cogent substantiating proof of fingerprinting. You will pay a fee directly to Cogent for this service.

If you are interested in attracting choice employers, enroll in a pharmacy technician training program at one of the Missouri schools listed below.

Missouri Schools with Pharmacy Technician Training Programs:

Pharmacy Technician Programs - Major Missouri Colleges and Universities

University of Missouri - Kansas City

Westminster College - Fulton

Pharmacy Technician Programs – Other Missouri Colleges

Anthem College - Kansas City

Heritage College - Kansas City

Midwest Institute - Kirkwood

North Central Missouri College - Trenton

St. Louis College of Health Careers - St. Louis

St. Louis Community College - St. Louis