Licensing and training requirement information for those interested in becoming a pharmacy technician. 

Requirements to become a pharmacy technician in Arizona

The state of Arizona features nearly a thousand hospital and retail drug dispensaries employing roughly 6,710 licensed pharmacy technicians.  Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists with the preparation and processing of prescription drugs and other legally controlled substances.  The pharmacy technician's job responsibilities may include counting pills, labeling containers, checking labels for compliance and performing various administrative tasks such as database management and patient record updates.  Pharmacy technicians come in contact with controlled substances on a daily basis, so va

Requirements to become a pharmacy technician in Arkansas

The state of Arkansas is home to more than seven hundred hospital and retail pharmacies.  In total, they employ approximately 3,680 registered pharmacy technicians.  Pharmacy technicians are assistants to licensed pharmacists.  They are often responsible for the preparation, distribution or transfer of prescription medications, in addition to other duties such as filing, ordering, record keeping, insurance processing, restocking, database management and customer service.  The tasks of a typical pharmaceutical assistant include counting tablets, attaching labels to containers and frequently

Requirements to become a pharmacy technician in Alabama

The state of Alabama features roughly 1,170 hospital and retail pharmacies.  Altogether, they employ approximately 6,420 pharmaceutical technicians.  However, only about sixty percent (60%) of Alabama's pharmacy technicians are certified (licensed) by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).    Pharmacy technicians are skilled medical professionals who assist pharmacists with various prescription-related tasks.  Responsibilities of pharmacy technicians include counting, sorting, labeling, fact checking, customer service and other administrative tasks as requested by the pharmacis

Requirements to become a pharmacy technician in Alaska

Roughly 87 pharmacies in the state of Alaska currently employ a total of about 620 pharmaceutical technicians.  Of these, approximately 358 are licensed by the Alaska State Board of Pharmacy.  Pharmacy technicians are pharmacist assistants, often helping with the preparation and dispension of prescription drugs.  Responsibilities of pharmacy technicians include counting tablets, labeling containers, performing various administrative tasks and handling customer service.  Pharmacy technicians have access to many controlled substances, so various state-specific guidelines often apply.

Ohio pharmacy technician training programs

If you are interested in a career as a pharmacy technician, the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy encourages (but does not require) successful completion of a pharmacy technician training program. Although completion of a training program is not required by the state, many employers prefer candidates with an education and training. Fortunately, dozens of schools in Ohio offer competitive training programs that can help you sand out from the crowd.

New York pharmacy technician training programs

As of April 2012, the State of New York did not require a license, registration, or certification to work as a pharmacy technician. However, many employers do prefer applicants with a certificate, associate, or even a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy technology, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology, chemistry, or other related field. A certificate or a degree is especially important when it comes to advancement opportunities and pay raises.

Illinois pharmacy technician training programs

As of January 2011, the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) requires all pharmacy technicians to obtain certification. The following materials are required to make application for a Certified Pharmacy Technician license in the state of Illinois:

1. Application for Certified Pharmacy Technician Licensure. If the name shown on your application is different from that shown on your supporting documents, you must submit proof of legal name change--a copy of marriage license, divorce decree, court order or statement explaining change and stating change was not for fraudulent purposes.

Florida pharmacy technician training programs

The Division of Medical Quality, Assurance Board of Pharmacy regulates pharmacy technicians. While a degree is not required to become a registered pharmacy technician, the Board (managed by the Florida Department of Health) has a number of recommendations, plus several requirements, to obtain and maintain registration. One requirement is successful completion of a pharmacy technician training program. Keep in mind that earning a pharmacy technician certificate or degree will make any given training program that much easier. In addition, many employers prefer a certificate or degree, plus experience—especially when it comes to advancement opportunities.

If you are interested in a career as a pharmacy technician, you can begin by enrolling in a pharmacy technician or a pharmacy technology training program. In addition, licensure is required in the state of California. According to the California State Board of Pharmacy:


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