Licensing and training requirement information for those interested in becoming a pharmacy technician. 

Utah pharmacy technician training programs

The State of Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) has several requirements for pharmacy technicians wishing to operate in the state. Aspiring pharmacy tecnicians must meet specific certification, education, training, and licensure requirements prior to becoming employed as a pharmay technician.

Nevada pharmacy technician training programs

In the state of Nevada, all pharmacy technicians must register with the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy. In order to register in the State of Nevada, one of several specific education, training, or previous registration requirements must be met. The Board offers the following information for future pharmacy technicians:

Mississippi pharmacy technician training programs

While there are no formal education requirements to become a pharmacy technician in the state of Mississippi, most employers prefer candidates with a certificate or degree from an accredited college, plus training in the field. Most accredited training programs offer internships or apprenticeships, which can help you fulfill the “experience” requirement employers seek.

Kansas pharmacy technician training programs

Before 2003, pharmacy technicians were not required to register with the Kansas Board of Pharmacy. Today, aspiring pharmacy technicians cannot operate in the state without a registration card. To register, you must fill out an application and take an exam. You must pass the exam with a minimum score of 75 percent. To request a technician application, you must call the Board at 785-296-4056 or request an application packet via email at

Arkansas pharmacy technician training programs

Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy requires registration/permit in order to work as a pharmacy technician in the state. The Board offers the following registration information:

According to Kentucky Board of Pharmacy:

All pharmacy technicians must be registered with the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy pursuant to KRS 315.135.  Their registration certificate should be on display at their primary place of employment and their pocket card should be in their possession while working.

Oregon pharmacy technician training programs

A number of changes have taken place in the state of Oregon since 2005. Before this time, pharmacy technicians were required to register with the State of Oregon Board of Pharmacy. Today, they must obtain a license. The Board offers the following detailed information for aspiring pharmacy technicians.

Oklahoma pharmacy technician training programs

To become a pharmacy technician in the state of Oklahoma, several requirements must be met. Aspiring technicians must complete a pharmacy technician training program, on the job training, and they must obtain a pharmacy technician permit. The Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy offers the following guidelines for all future pharmacy technicians:

Connecticut pharmacy technician training programs

Connecticut-based pharmacy technicians must meet several requirements to practice in the state. They must register with the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Commission of Pharmacy, and complete on-the-job training.

Iowa pharmacy technician training programs

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy has specific requirements for pharmacy technicians and pharmacy tech trainees. The Board offers the following information for individual’s interested in practicing in the state of Iowa:


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