What you need to know about becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Nevada, including Nevada licensing and training requirements, schools & colleges offering pharmacy technician programs and employment and salary trends for pharmacy techs in Nevada (NV).

Pharmacy technician employment and salary trends, and career opportunities in Nevada


Nevada is home to more than 2,000 salaried pharmacy technicians. This means, less than one percent of the nation’s 334,400 salaried technicians live in The Silver Line State. Although the population of pharmacy technicians isn’t as high as it is in other states, aspiring pharmacy technicians still choose Nevada for:

Nevada pharmacy technician training programs

In the state of Nevada, all pharmacy technicians must register with the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy. In order to register in the State of Nevada, one of several specific education, training, or previous registration requirements must be met. The Board offers the following information for future pharmacy technicians:

Requirements to become a pharmacy technician in Nevada

As of June 1st, 2012, the state of Nevada features more than four hundred chain, independent and hospital pharmacies.  Altogether, they employ roughly 2,370 full time professional pharmacy technicians, according data recently released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.  However, less than two thousand Nevada residents are currently registered and licensed by the state Board of Pharmacy.  This may seem odd at first glance, as licensed pharmacists prefer to work with licensed technicians.  However, many working pharmacy technicians are fulfilling a training requirement, or are in the process of renewing their licenses.  Regulations and guidelines regarding the practices of pharmacy technicians vary from state to state.

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