Connecticut Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Connecticut pharmacy technician training programs

Connecticut-based pharmacy technicians must meet several requirements to practice in the state. They must register with the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Commission of Pharmacy, and complete on-the-job training.

These are the minimum requirements set forth by the Department, but they are by no means the only requirements for many employer’s. In fact, most employers prefer technicians that have completed a formal training program at an accredited college or university. The most popular options are listed following the Department training and registration requirements.

The Department offers the following information regarding registration and training:

(a) No person shall act as a pharmacy technician unless registered with or certified with, the department.

(b) The department shall, upon authorization of the commission, register as a pharmacy technician any person who presents evidence satisfactory to the department that such person is qualified to perform, under the direct supervision of a pharmacist, routine functions in the dispensing of drugs that do not require the use of professional judgment. The qualifications for registration as a pharmacy technician under this section shall be in accordance with:

(1) the standards of an institutional pharmacy, a care-giving institution or a correctional or juvenile training institution, in the case of employment in any such pharmacy or institution, or

(2) the standards established by regulation adopted by the commissioner in accordance with chapter 54, in the case of employment in a pharmacy. As used in this subsection, "direct supervision" means a supervising pharmacist

(A) is physically present in the area or location where the pharmacy technician is performing routine drug dispensing functions, and

(B) conducts in-process and final checks on the pharmacy technician's performance.

(c) The department shall, upon authorization of the commission, certify as a pharmacy technician any person who meets the requirements for registration as a pharmacy technician, pursuant to subsection (b) of this section, and who holds a certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification board or any other equivalent pharmacy technician certification program approved by the department.

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies Section 20-576-37 – Training

(a) Pharmacy technicians shall complete initial training as determined by the pharmacist manager of each pharmacy. Such training shall include, but not be limited to, on-the-job and other related education and shall be commensurate with the tasks pharmacy technicians are to perform. This training shall be completed prior to the regular performance of such tasks.  The pharmacy technician shall be registered with the department no more than thirty days after the start of such training.

Connecticut Schools with Pharmacy Technician Training Programs:

Pharmacy Technician Programs – Major Connecticut Colleges and Universities

Briarwood College – Southington

University of Connecticut – Storrs

Pharmacy Technician Programs – Other Connecticut Colleges

Connecticut School of Professional Studies - Orange

Gateway Community College - New Haven

Housatonic Community College - Bridgeport

Manchester Community College - Manchester

Middlesex Community College - Middletown

Northwestern Connecticut Community College - Winsted

Norwalk Community College - Norwalk

St. Vincent's College - Bridgeport

Three Rivers Community College - Norwich